I’ve been on vacation for nearly three weeks now… though this time is approaching an end, it’s been a great reflective experience for me. If you are able to take a few weeks off from your regular job like this – I highly recommend you do so.

Anyhow, I don’t have much to say in reflection of the past year. It was very busy for me – which is both good and bad. I published the first major book on Animate CC with Peachpit (with a focus on the ACA objectives), a bunch of Animate CC courses for / LinkedIn Learning and Pluralsight, spoke at Adobe MAX in San Diego and at Parsons/The New School in New York City for the AEL Summit, and have done so much more through collaboration with Adobe Learn, the Animate CC team, the Adobe Education and Community teams,  and others…

Looking forward… I have a new book on beginning Animate CC through Apress co-authored with Tom Green which wrapped right before Christmas, a new Pluralsight course on programming fundamentals with Animate CC which I’ve just recently completed recordings for, and a number of new / LinkedIn Learning courses being planned. I’m also nearly ready to record updated material for the Animate CC course on ACATestPrep! I’m not sure how busy my 2017 will become… but I do hope to gain more control over my schedule and workload. This is a professional priority for me.

As indicated, after 2+ years of pretty much going non-stop, I need to scale back and get more control over my time. I’ve already started this process over the past year with a freeze on new consulting projects. I’ve said “no” to a LOT of people on both general consulting services and more tangible software development projects.

I hope to release a new album of music under An Early Morning Letter, Displaced this year. About 40 minutes of material has been recorded over the past few years and I simply need to write a bit more… and commit to releasing it. This is a priority for me… but creative endeavors run by their own schedule. No title to announce yet. It’s been difficult.

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