Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media

My new book with Peachpit and Adobe Press, Learn Adobe Animate CC for Interactive Media, is now available from the publisher and also retailers like Amazon.com and physical bookstores. I received author copies the other day and am so pleased with how it came out. The materials and layout just scream quality!


The book itself provides a solid overview on Animate CC with the focus on preparing the reader for the Adobe Certified Associate certification exam for interactive media. We cover everything across 6 main projects while using the new features of Animate CC like Vector Art Brushes, fully scaleable video output, HTML5 Canvas improvements, and more… alongside all the time tested tools and functionality that makes this program great.


There are a couple of things that make this book quite unique:

  • This is the first book published on Adobe Animate CC and covers many of the new features now available.
  • In addition to the book, you get access to a fully developed web experience with additional features like quizzes and such.
  • You aren’t getting just the physical book and the online experience – each project also has a video component – adding up to over 6 hours of video content as well!

You can now find the book for purchase at Adobe Press, Peachpit, Amazon.com, and other fine retailers.


  1. Hi!
    I’m a college teacher largely focused on Flash for web designers. For years Peachpit Press’s QuisckStart Series was my go to text, it was clear, direct, and offered the right proportion of animation to code. The book went missing in action about a year ago, unhappily. But with Animate I’m psyched for a fresh start…and a fresh text book. Does your book go into the code? Nothing to heavy just basic navigation…goToAndPlay etc?
    Thanks for the info (and quite possibly the book)!

    1. Hi, Ira.
      In the later projects/chapters we do go into a bit of code – both JavaScript and ActionScript depending upon the project. Some is simple navigation but the final project is a full app with lots of code… so it really does have a great range :)

  2. Hello
    I’m a newbie and actually a special educator. I’m learning animate cc and don’t have much programming experience. Animate cc is allowing me to do a lot of things without actually coding. However, is there a project based guide/tutorials etc. for action script? Very basic so I can add interactivity more than just the code snippets which are so useful. Thanks!

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