Edge Animate to Animate CC

I’ve recorded and published a set of three videos walking users through the transition from Edge Animate to Animate CC. These videos cover a number of conceptual comparisons between the applications, including… the differences in timeline, differences in publish targets, and workflow differences.

I’ve embedded the full playlist below, and you will find links and descriptions of individual tutorials following that as well.

Here are the individual video recordings:

Edge Animate to Animate CC: Timeline Methodology

Edge Animate and Animate CC animate content in very different ways. Let’s look at animation workflows using Edge Animates Pin tool, and compare that with the robust tweening system in Animate CC.

Edge Animate to Animate CC: DOM vs. Canvas

While Edge Animate and Animate CC can both output to the native web browser using HTML elements, the way in which they each handle this output differs quite a bit. Let’s have a look at these differences and the advantages Animate CC provides.

Edge Animate to Animate CC: Creative Workflow

Both Edge Animate and Animate CC can employ imported image files within their workflows. Animate CC goes far beyond simple import with deep integration with CC Libraries using CreativeSync technology.

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