Apache Flex Committer

Having been on vacation – I’m a bit late in posting this… but last week was invited to join Apache Flex as a committer. I accepted :)

The Apache Flex PMC is excited to welcome Joseph Labrecque as our newest committer! Joseph has been steadily contributing to the Flash and Flex community for several years. He is very well known in the learning and conference speaking circuits as well.

Please join us in welcoming him as a committer to the Apache Flex project.

So what will I be contributing to the project? Not quite sure yet – though I am open to anything that comes my way and have this year produced a number of video tutorials on getting started with Apache Flex, IntelliJ IDEA, Starling, Feathers, and more. Was happy to hear also that Ben Forta called out this series a few months back!


So if interested in how you can use Flex with IntelliJ – check out the tutorials:

Also be sure to visit the Apache Flex website!

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