Adobe Generation Professional: App Design

Do you have an interest in App development? Are you constantly being asked to show students how to create an App? Do you teach a computer class and have a desire to take your own class in a new direction through App development or are you simply intrigued to know how to build your first app? Either way, this intensive 2-week online Adobe Brackets Bootcamp is for you.

This course takes place on the Adobe Education Exchange from June 13th, 2014 – June 30th, 2014. It’s a great idea to have a sort of bootcamp-style introduction to app development like this. My understanding of the course is that each day, on the first week, a certain piece of application functionality is explored in a workshop-style environment. The second week is reserved for students to complete a full app with assistance from the course instructors. It’s actually very similar to the format I use for my PhoneGap courses – though these are dived across a 10 week quarter term.

I was asked (along with 9 other “guest experts”) to prepare a short, 20 minute presentation around my creative journey and some interesting projects I’ve worked on. The slide deck for this presentation is included below.

Thanks to all of the students who attended the session and had such nice things to say. Happy to present for you all.

I’m sure that is this is successful, that Adobe may offer the course again – so keep a eye on the Education Exchange if you are interested!

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