EC3 Contributor Interview: Co-Opera


Please start by telling us your name, the name of your project (if different), and any other contributors that make up the project as a whole.

My name is Mike Brunt the project name is Co-Opera and involves a second person named Alexandra Bwye. We both compose, play and vocalize.

What is the history of your particular aural endeavors? How did you get started working in this area?

I was in a couple of groups in the 1960’s in England, blues groups, I was poor-ish and one night decided to do a Pete Townsend/Jimi Hendrix and broke the neck off my Hohfner violin bass which kept me out off playing for some time. About 4-5 years ago I met my current collaborator in Co-Opera, Alexandra Bwye and she is a trained classical pianist and from that she taught me how to use a piece of software which is both revolutionary and revelationary to us, it is called Propellerhead Reason. Since then we have released 8 albums and one EP.

Tell us about your track for EC3. What is the creative process like for you?

Our process is different as we can start from sounds in our heads, start by playing etc, in this case it was a drum pattern which started it and then the music part unraveled gradually, one layer building on another. The actual way we evolve pretty much evolve all of our music is via constant looping and listening and adding/changing.

What sort of technologies and creative solutions do you enjoy working with? What does your primary work involve?

As mentioned above we like Reason or Record, both are great for us and we use NCH Software tools also.

The Emergent Collective series was established to highlight people in the community who work in creative technologies and also produce music (not that these efforts are so dissimilar). How did you get involved in this Emergent Collective.

Via Vicky Ryder who pointed it out, yet I am always interested in our expanding creative community as I know of it.

Emergent Collective Three
Listen to Co-Opera and others on Emergent Collective Three.

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