1. Ryan

    Personally for me… the single best news is this….

    “They recognize that “Gaming and Premium Video” is too restrictive for the platform and that this marketing needs to be revised.”

    1. civet

      Agree! the big problem for now is not the technology itself.

  2. Greg

    Great news. Properly supporting Android Intel x86 devices is a step in the right direction and having Adobe’s marketing reflecting that AIR is great for all kinds of apps not just games/video also is a welcome development.

  3. Maybe the are finally over the Apple smoke and mirrors and can bring Flash back as the amazing platform and it used to be and STILL IS… Way to go Adobe!

  4. FYI, I agree with Ryan: Best news is that it seems like they will expand Flash back into Apps or other areas !!!!!!

  5. Stage3D standard profile only for desktop ?
    What about compatible mobile GPUs ?

    1. This wasn’t entirely clear – but seems to be a “Desktop now, mobile later” sort of thing – like how both Stage3D and Workers were implemented.

      1. Yeah i thought so… Still happy with the roadmap, but a bit disapointed i can’t count on AGAL v2 or even “v1.5″ for mobile soon…

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