Free Starling and Feathers Tutorial Videos

These tutorials are single movies from Building a Mobile App with Feathers and Starling by author Joseph Labrecque. The complete course is 2 hours and 1 minute and shows how to use the Feathers and Starling user interface frameworks along with Stage3D to build out mobile applications with Adobe AIR.

Feathers and Starling tutorial: What we will build |

This tutorial demonstrates the sample sketching application from the course Building a Mobile App with Feathers and Starling, on Also listed are prerequisites for the course, including familiarity with JavaScript and external frameworks. Watch more at…

Feathers and Starling tutorial: Implementing a theme |

By default, Feathers components for mobile applications don’t have a visual representation until you apply a theme. Find out how to import and apply a theme in this tutorial. Watch more at…

Feathers and Starling tutorial: Building the HomeScreen class |

In this tutorial, learn how to set up a mobile application home screen, complete with a scroll container and objects in the form of an image loader and a label. Watch more at…


  1. Hey Joseph! How are you?

    I’m doing this course on but I’m with a problem! In this line:

    canvasData.encode(new Rectangle(verticalLayout.padding, verticalLayout.padding, canvasSprite.width, canvasSprite.height), new PNGEncoderOptions(), byteArray);

    I got this error:

    ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable flash.display::PNGEncoderOptions is not defined.

    I’m using Flash Builder 4.6 + AIR 4. I searched on web and some people got this error, but I’m still with no answer! Can you help me? Do you have idea why this is happens?

    Thanks a lot!

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