1. Joseph,

    I teach at Lenoir-Rhyne University and have put together some assignments using ColdFusion and SQL Server. I’ve got some crossword puzzles, Word Searches, Matching, True/False, Fill-in-the-blank, some programming exercises (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL), and a few multi-user games that I did mostly for fun: “Connect the Dots” and “King Of The Hill”.
    I’ve been busy, but I need to get the word out so that I’m not just developing for the sake of developing. My plan is to develop these programs for my own students, but then make them available to all teachers. I really feel that teachers today are being tasked with putting their courses online, but they don’t have the tools necessary to do so.

    Well, anyway, send me an email and I’ll send you a login link. I didn’t want to post it here on your blog.

    Phillip Senn

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