Flash Professional CC (13.1) – December 2013 Release

The focus of this release of Flash Professional CC is the new native HTML5 Canvas workflow, which features a contextual user interface along with relative publishing options.

Flash Professional CC
HTML5 Canvas is a new document type added to Flash Professional CC that generates an .FLA file for authoring, and targets the canvas tag of HTML. This option enables the authoring of animation and interactivity for targeting web browsers without the need for Adobe Flash Player if those extended capabilities are not needed. The generated HTML file bundle is driven by the CreateJS JavaScript library, which was previously available as an extension for both CS6 and the previous version of CC. This functionality is now included as a prime target format within the application and is no longer provided through the Toolkit for CreateJS as a separate extension.

Related to this new HTML5 Canvas Document type are; an Actions Panel integrated JavaScript Editor, a set of JavaScript Code Snippets, and a handy HTML5 Canvas Conversion Command. I go over all these features in a new article for Peachpit.

There’s actually a lot more in the works for Flash Professional… but we cant talk about that quite yet :)


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