1. Hey Joseph,

    Just wanted to add a post and say: thanks. You are presenting consistent good information and links about AIR, Starling and the like.

    It is a frustrating time for Flash and ActionScript developers. I have worked on many Flash (and now AIR) projects over the past 15-ish years.

    Over the past few years I have been promoting AIR, educating clients, and in some cases have even literally been (for lack of a better term) ‘hazed’ by companies, their tech departments, and on really special occasions; third parties brought in to conference calls with the sole purpose of ‘weighing in on HTML5 vs. Flash/AIR’, where I have to ‘justify my existence’ for supporting the technologies I believe in.

    In the end I have produced results that make clients happy, if a bit dumbfounded as to how and why this unheard of technology called “Adobe AIR” can make such slick, high-performing apps that run impeccably on iOS and Android, using the same code base.

    It hasn’t been an easy ride, but again I say thanks for providing relevant information and links as to why Adobe AIR is truly amazing technology. Adobe’s marketing may not be helping, but AIR can truly produce great cross-platform apps. It seems like more people should know about and understand how good they are.

    1. Thanks for the positive comments. It is very frustrating – the platform is better than ever and is still growing… yet the general web community dismisses it as dead and the messaging from Adobe certainly doesn’t help matters. I really do believe the future of the platform lies in 3rd party innovation through frameworks and projects like theses. Wish Adobe wasn’t so frightened of their own technology. Ah well.

    2. Jonathan Hart

      Greg I feel your pain. I also had to undergo the same sort of scrutiny when I pushed AIR. The first time I failed, but I at least talked our VP of engineering out of doing the project in HTML5 (a decision we all recognize as being a terrible one).

      The second time around, I won. And it’s paying off in spades. The amount of money we are saving and the accelerated time to market is proof positive that AIR is hands down the best choice for a very large number of games. Not every game, but a lot of them. Especially the ones that are making the most money.

  2. Hey guys. I’ve added Minko and LeapMotionAS3 to the list.

    You can understand that if I listed *every* Flash framework out there that this post would go on forever :)

  3. zwetan

    I hope everyone could stay as positive, good post

    try to see it like that, if before your only option was to publish a SWF game on a portal to have some crumbs of the advertising, now you can self publish your own games on mobile platforms and keep a whole 70% of the profit

    games or apps etc.

    all the framework mentioned can help a lot to do just that

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