1. HB

    Could you tell me more about the new dynamic layout and metadata features? specifically, I wonder about the code it produces and how it is used.


    1. I’m going to see whether Adobe might be willing to release these sample panels. Not sure if they can or not.

      Those are all driven by the extended metadata APIs though. Great examples of that feature in action.

  2. How much I try I can’t see innovation and more or less make up(Black modern UI ha). Maybe the reason that Adobe have moved or moving more and more devs to HTML5/JS. On the other side community show what are future ideas and needs, but hard that Adobe share holders care about that. I’m speaking about DragonBones,Flare3D IDE,Colt(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsK_syADzQ8&hd=1),FeathersUI and many more…

    1. I’m a big supporter of all the 3rd party libs, frameworks, and tooling springing up around the platform. In fact, I’m talking on Starling and Feathers for 360|Stack [http://www.360stack.com/] in August and am hard at work getting some training materials going around these technologies as well. In many ways – these other entities are doing more for the future of the platform than Adobe is!

      That said – I still love Flash Professional, remain a big supporter of the tool, and disagree with your assessment. I’m not saying the situation with Flash Platform within Adobe is nearly ideal right now – but I cannot discount a total application rewrite either.

  3. Great presentation Joseph, thank you!

    Has given me inspiration to keep moving ahead with my AS3 and Flash training!

    I can really see how powerful a tool Flash still is in terms of being able to author great content and be able to deliver to so many other frameworks and technologies.

    I can’t think of any other tool out there that has the same flexibility (pardon the terrible framework related pun).


    sf d-)=

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