Speaking at 360|Stack!


Building GPU-Accelerated Mobile Application Interfaces with Starling and Feathers
Apache Flex is great for application UI… but it isn’t GPU-accelerated :( New versions of Adobe AIR perform quite spectacularly on mobile and really blaze when tapping into the device GPU. If your mobile application requires this sort of performance – there is a solution to be found in the Starling framework along with Feathers (a fully-skinnable, open source component and layout framework)! This session will demonstrate how to use Feathers to create great, performant mobile interfaces for not only games but applications as well!

This will be my second year speaking for 360|Stack… er… my first for 360|Stack – but I did have a talk at 360|Flex last year as well. If you haven’t attended a 360|Whatever in the past – I encourage you to do so. These are consistently great community events with a bunch of passionate, intelligent people specializing in Flash Platform and web stack technologies. I hear there is going to be a bunch of other neat stuff represented too; Google Glass, TypeScript, Arduino, C#, and more!

Check out the SPEAKERS! Look over the SCHEDULE! See you in DENVER this August!

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