PhoneGap and HTML5SQL.JS

I’ve been doing a lot of digging around in PhoneGap lately. This dovetails nicely with my Edge Animate and Edge Reflow work – but I also see it as an extension of my work with Adobe AIR and Flash Player on mobile.

One of the interesting things about working in web technologies with modern browsers (including mobile), is that we have so many choices due to fragmentation or simply because of competing ideas. I’ve found many of the solutions for web storage on mobile to be either lacking or frustratingly complex. A few weeks back, I rand across a nice solution to simply all of this and have adopted it into my workflow.

HTML5SQL.JS makes working with local databases in a PhoneGap app super easy. This video demonstrates how to use it within a project.

Also – you can check out my progress for this app on the project Github repository.

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