Absinthe Dilution Faerie 2.0

Absinthe Dilution Faerie

Absinthe Dilution Faerie version 2.0 is now available for free via Google Play!

“Absinthe Dilution Faerie” is a small application which calculates how much water one should temper a dose of absinthe with in accordance with the ABV percentage as laid out by Michael Meyers of The Wormwood Society.

So what’s new in this version? Quite a bit!

  • New application imagery
  • Default database of absinthes
  • Clicking upon an absinthe will load it into the calculator
  • Ability to add your favorite absinthes to the database
  • Database management: add/update/delete
  • Include tasting notes for each brand of absinthe

So… go download and louche up a few ;)

The application was compiled with PhoneGap Build and written with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Libraries used include jQuery Mobile and HTML5SQL.JS. Also – please welcome Midge back as the faerie, herself!

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