Okay – I have a GitHub account

For whatever reason, I’ve resisted the call of GitHub for quite a while now. Years, in fact. It always sort of turned me off that the service seemed so very Apple-centric and exclusionary and I generally felt that my code wasn’t pretty or even “correct” enough to be sharable.


Well, turns out they have a pretty solid Windows app now – and it makes management of your account fairly easy (even creating a public key for you!). I’ve also gotten over the fact that my code isn’t perfect. It’s going to be more useful to others online than it is sitting in some dark archive.

Get at me: https://github.com/josephlabrecque

Also – I get questions about DropFolders all the time. Tons of requests to add this or that feature… so straw… meet camel’s back! You want to improve DropFolders? Go for it! I just don’t have the time or need to do it myself.

I’ve added repositories for a few older projects on here already hoping there may be a snippet here or there that people can benefit from. I plan to eventually include newer projects and demo code as well. Again – none of this code is perfect, and a lot is going to be experimental/demo material.

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