Emergent Collective Two : The Contributors!

The call for submissions for the Emergent Collective Two community compilation CD closed with 2012’s dying breath. For the curious, we now present a list of contributors and their submissions.

Credit : Eric Fickes
Credit : Eric Fickes

The aural submissions (in alphabetical order):

  • ‘Anonymous’ : Introduction…
  • Christer (McFunkypants) Kaitila : ProStyle
  • coderjun : Truth
  • Compilers : Giveth
  • An Early Morning Letter, Displaced : Hope of Escape (no escape)
  • oí cajeta : Hoy
  • Partition 36 : The Mainframe
  • Polyploid : Softly, softly
  • Sea of Arrows : Chupacabra (Dancefloor Massacre 3)
  • shivervein : ladyconch
  • Spectre Marrow : These 40 Graves Were Left Unmarked
  • Sunjammer : Yuggoth

And visual submissions (also alphabetical):

  • Chris Gannon : (unnamed)
  • Eric Fickes : (a TON of material!)
  • Peter French : Cubed Space / Cubed Space 2
  • Anna Thielke : Twelve Gauge Cynic

Thanks SO much to everyone who contributed! It will take a month or so to get everything together… so look for a release around February.

UPDATE 01/06/2013 : I had to give a few people some extra time to get around technical difficulties with their submissions. If you are interested in still submitting music or artwork (but haven’t yet done so) – please drop me a line through email or Twitter. There is room for one or two more tracks on the CD. This is a community effort and I do NOT want to exclude anyone who wants to be a part of it!

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