1. That’s the WORST possible news. Falcon to be thrown on the Open-Source scrap heap. That means that it isn’t working very well, or Adobe aren’t interested enough in AIR on mobile to make it one of their priorities and keep it close.

    The only thing stooping us from going over to Corona and Unity is the feint hope that Falcon will fix AS3 mobile performance.

    1. I don’t think so. We’ve seen Falcon in action and it seems to be a huge improvement over the current compiler. Adobe is invested in AIR on mobile – nearly all of the new touch apps (a huge push for them) are AIR applications.

      From what I understand, the Falcon compiler should be able to to improve AS3 performance across the board.

      1. Ok, I’ll run this by you. Is my argument flawed?

        A company only makes something Open-Source if the technology has depreciated in value, and contains no IP that might give a competitor an advantage. At least then, you provide a life-line to the users. (Something mTropolis users would have appreciated. … Before your time maybe).

        In the past, Adobe’s have been very protective of their Intellectual Property. It’s their lifeblood. I remember the guys working on AXDT (Open-Source AS3 Eclipse plug-in) removed all the AIR stuff, for fear of Adobe’s lawyers pouncing on them. So if Falcon does what it should – I’m surprised and concerned about Adobe relinquishing its proprietary rights.

        Adobe makes its money from selling content authoring software. But with Falcon free for all to use – other companies can incorporate it into their AIR app authoring software to compete directly with Adobe’s next generation tools (if they’re planning any). This is why I assume Adobe don’t see AIR as a priority.

        1. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m done speculating – and know they are continuing work on clarifying these issues.

      2. Joern Buchholz

        Can you tell me, which of these new touch apps are AIR applications? Did Adobe use Flex for some of these applications? I cant find any informations about this in the web. Thanks.

        1. I do know – but would rather not comment on this before Adobe makes a formal statement. Sorry. The large majority are definitely AIR-based though!!!

    1. Sorry. The recent announcements have stalled our progress for a bit. We are working with the FMS team to find the best solution to continue with this article series.

  2. My analogy to this situation is a break up. Adobe is being a nice girlfriend and easing you off to learn JavaScript and HTML. Sorry. You are not worth her time. She will still be a friend with benefits in the torrents…unfaithful to flash development….unfaithful to those who put time and energy learning to code as2, then she wants as3, now javascript. Can this bitch make up her fucking mind?

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