6Threads – Coming Soon!

Having just completed the master for the upcoming An Early Morning Letter, Displaced release; 6Threads, I’d like to make a formal announcement here along with some words about this collection of work.

Track listing:

  1. To Lead You Down
  2. Strangling Strangers
  3. Atrophy
  4. (still) So Crushed
  5. Alice
  6. If Only

6Threads is the first EP release from An Early Morning Letter, Displaced since 2002. I remember when I completed the August EP in 2000, how relieved I was that it was over and could not imagine the work it would take to complete a full length album. Over a decade later, we have two LP releases and will soon have three EPs along with involvement in a number of compilations, remixes, and covers.

A short-play disc allows a bit of a breather in between full collections. I didn’t want to go 2 to 3 years (again) until a new album after Shudderflowers, but still needed to have a time for recollection and the formation of new ideas. This compact format allows me both.

6Threads runs a little over half an hour and contains a balanced sampling of work that spans the history of An Early Morning Letter, Displaced from our beginnings in 1999 to the present day:

Spanning over a decade of work within the space of a six track EP; 6Threads includes three entirely new recordings which continue to showcase An Early Morning Letter, Displaced as a luminary of powerful, impassioned music. Alongside these new tracks are alternate versions of “So Crushed” from A Prison of Oneself and the original (long) version of “Alice” from Shudderflowers. Rounding out the album is one of the earliest recordings from An Early Morning Letter, Displaced – “If Only”, an unpublished piece from 1999.

The version of “So Crushed” on this release is a remastered version of the original recording with an alternate sound bed and new vocals. “Alice” is the original, longer version with extended ambient and incidental sequences. “Strangling Strangers” was (in it’s original form) part of the Strangling Strangers project before it was dissolved and a nearly identical version is included on the community compilation, Emergent Collective One. “To Lead You Down” is the opening track and embodies the spirit of this collection, while “Atrophy” is a return to to style closer to the recordings on A Prison of Oneself and even Through Darkened Eyes.

This is a digital-only release – I’m afraid the physical compact disc is all but dead.

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