Video: AIR 2.0 NativeProcess Example

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to take advantage of the new flash.desktop.NativeProcess class within AIR 2.0 and was fortunate enough to have a quick project fall into my lap early this week that would serve as the perfect testing ground.

If you aren’t familiar with NativeProcess, it basically gives you the ability to interact directly with just about any process running on the host operating system. You can pass in any number of arguments into the program being invoked, and can even intercept messages being transmitted in response to your invocation.

The project basically involves building a custom interface upon the excellent HandBrake CLI for enabling server side directory polling along with custom transcoding presets complete with individual output destinations.

The following video is simply an overview of what is capable with AIR 2.0 – I hope this will be the first of many as I built this project to completion, especially as this is such an exciting (and powerful!) addition to the Flash Platform.


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