Custom Event Reporting from Flash to Google Analytics

Back at Adobe MAX 2009 in Los Angeles, I did a 30 minute presentation for FITC. This is a composite video from a screen recording I did on my presenter laptop merged with the live stream hosted by Influxis.

I’ve been reformatting a lot of the presentations and webinars I’ve done over the past year and plan to host them all on Vimeo, at some point. So here is “Custom Event Reporting from Flash to Google Analytics”:

FITC Unconference at Adobe MAX
Los Angeles, California
October 2009

With the ability to define and report custom events from within your Flash application, you retain control over how specific events are reported and the information contained in these reports. This presentation will cover the implementation of the Google Analytics Tracking For Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 API for generating custom events and emulated page views from within Flash.

BTW: the FITC and Influxis people are really great to work with!

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