1. I’ve tested it now and it’s indeed a great feature. A complex example of mine (with papervision code and all!) exported perfectly.

    You can’t interact with the interface while exporting, something which’s a negative point on most cases (ie, when creating demo reel sequences); but having the ability to export 100% quality, faithful actionscript-based movies is enough, you can still simulate what’s needed by code.

  2. Works with something as complex as Papervision? That is amazing. I’ve been waiting for this feature for years!

  3. I’ve been trying to export 2 CS3 Fla animation movies (AS2 code) to QT here; somehow apparently the process is pretty slow, as I get very long waiting time when the process bar is at finished, but Flash keeps computing *something* at 100% of 1 CPU for extended periods of time (15 + minutes); I’ve never gotten to the actual .mov stage.
    Is that QT compressing the animation, or is something broken, in your opinion?
    (There are AS calls to a root container movie, so maybe that’s what breaks it?)

    Otherwise, this looks really good.

  4. I’ve noticed that when exporting an FLV from Premiere Pro (CS2) that it will first render the movie (using QuickTime, I’d assume) and then once that is completed with the progress bar reading 100%, the media encoder will then render this as Flash Video with the appearence of the proceess being hung or stalled. I also assume that this two-step render process is being performed via the new QuickTime export in some fashion. I really can only guess though! I think it’s most likely normal behavior.

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