Welcome. This is the central contact point and information center for Joseph Labrecque, Multimedia Developer and ActionScript Programmer. My goal for this website is to author an information hub with points leading to related websites, projects, and interests of mine. There will always exist here an up-to-date resume and contact information.

While this website is powered by WordPress, I am trying very hard to manage things here as one would a traditional website. In that sense, I will not be posting articles on what I’ve had for breakfast, my current mood, day-to-day activities, or anything like that. What I will be posting about are occurrences in my professional life dealing with many of the projects I’m involved with, conferences I’m presenting at or attending, and anything I discover in my work that I believe others will either find interesting or helpful. I have gathered some very useful tricks from other weblogs and it’s about time I give back. I will also post upon any extraordinary news that I find appropriate for inclusion. This includes news on technology, software, relevant cultural trends, and matters of universal importance.

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