Fullscreen Flash Player ‘Gotcha’

I’m not sure whether this should be classified as a bug or not. I’m currently working on a project which utilizes the new fullscreen capabilities of Flash Player 9. The module in question retrieves images, audio, video, and other objects for display one-by-one in an individual presentation format. One thing we’ve included in the application is the ability to link to external video from YouTube, iFilm, Yahoo Video, or wherever a user’s personal video material may be hosted. This is where the problem occurs. Flash Player security policy dictates that data linked across domains cannot be loaded into the player without explicitly allowing such communication through a crossdomain policy file. Seeing that we allow the inclusion of so many different video services for this application, it isn’t really feasible at this time to try and either load videos through the help of individual service APIs or to find some other way around these security restrictions on a per service basis. We currently handle this by displaying a message telling the user to click through to the video, essentially invoking a getURL() and opening the video in a new window or tab. When using this presentation module in fullscreen mode, invoking a getURL() will actually crash Firefox. It seems to function just fine in other browsers tested. For the meantime, I’ve set the external linking method to first pull the Flash Player out of fullscreen mode and then invoke getURL() which works just fine.

Stage["displayState"] = "normal";
getURL(videoURL, "_blank");

It seems this would be more of a Firefox bug than one involving the Flash Player itself. I wonder if anyone else has any insight to this particular issue? The workaround I have implemented works fine for now- but it is not ideal from a user perspective as they are automatically pulled out of fullscreen mode back into the browser. Perhaps this may be a good Apollo option?


  1. Are you saying “What should happen if my fullscreen SWF asks the browser to change its page, even though it’s not visible?”… is that the question at core of this post?

    (Interactivity while fullscreen is minimized… are you consciously firing off an event to ask the browser to change the page, even though the browser is nowhere visible on the monitor at the time?) (“Firefox” comes in different operating systems and versions… for others to reproduce it would be most reliable to describe.)

    tx, jd/adobe

  2. Hi John.

    I’m describing a particular experience I had with Firefox (v2.0.0.1 Win XP) and Flash Player invoking a getURL in fullscreen mode. It crashes the browser for me and I’m curious as to whether anyone else has experienced anything similar. Like I said, it certainly seems like the fault of FF rather than Flash Player. I understand that fullscreen interactivity is locked down and my solution to get around this works out fairly well. My main purpose in this post is to explore if anyone else has encountered this- I also believe it’s good for others to know this can be an unexpected issue.

  3. Searching for fullscreen bugs I have discover this POST. My problem is not related to getURL, but is something that happens in Firefox. Pressing my custom fullscreen button, the mouse seems to not update his state, so it keeps in onRollOver, even not beeing over the button. This force a click to further interaction. In IE works fine … just for the record.

    Jorge Solis

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