Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes – 2015 edition

Adobe has updated the Flash runtimes roadmap document which exists over at There are quite a few major things planned for upcoming releases as well as updates to what is new over the past year or so. The focus and drive remains the same as stated in the document.

Flash Player and AIR focus for 2015 and beyond: Adobe is continuing to develop and improve both Flash Player and AIR. As we progress forward and commit items to our quarterly releases, we will update the release timing for these features in this document.

Planned new features mentioned in the roadmap include the following:

  • Concurrency for AIR iOS and iOS packaging improvements
  • 64-bit support for AIR apps on Windows and OSX
  • Improved HTML5 support for AIR
  • Hardware-decoded video for Stage3D and VideoTexture on all platforms
  • Flash Player installation and settings UI updates
  • PPAPI hardware video decoding for OSX Chrome
  • Multicast video support for all PPAPI based Chrome
  • Latest AGAL3 support for Flash Player and AIR
  • ETC2 (Ericsson Texture Compression v2) / ATF (Adobe Texture Format) support for both runtimes
  • ATF support for rectangular textures
  • Runtime compression of textures across runtimes

Quite a bit of stuff going on! Good stuff too – a nice balance between cutting edge features and overall improvements. As someone who writes quite a bit of desktop based AIR applications – the 64-bit support is very welcome.

I am very positive around the platform this year. Flash Professional continues to see some great improvements as a creative tool – including the ability to publish to custom platforms, the runtimes are given major quarterly releases, and then community projects like Starling/Feathers, Apache Flex, and others just keep improving. Measured, steady improvements across the board!

What are you most looking forward to based off this list?


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