Flash Professional Webinar Signup

Flash Professional has been the tool of choice for creating animations for over two decades now. Recent improvements are geared towards making Flash Pro CC the tool of choice for creating animations for the next two decades.

The webinar signup is available through the Flash Pro CC welcome screen, or by clicking on this image :)

Join Senior Product Manager Ajay Shukla to learn new features in the product that is revolutionizing the way animated assets can be created not just for Flash Player, AIR, HTML5 Canvas, and WebGL but for other platforms like OpenFL/Haxe, Cocos2D, Unity, Away3d/AwayJS etc. all from within Flash Professional CC.

Please sign-up and be sure and spread the word!


Absinthe Infographic [built in flash professional]

It’s almost Hallowe’en in the United States. Invariably, a bunch of people will try absinthe for the first time at parties given its reputation as a “spooky” drink. This will probably involve either consuming absinthe as a “shot” or lighting it on fire, or both… THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DRINK ABSINTHE! To help […]


Animated Infographics with Flash Professional

Adobe is holding a number of neat professional development events for educators over the next few months. I’ll be hosting two sessions on Flash Professional CC at the end of October that I encourage you to attend. The morning session¬†will go over the basics of getting content from Adobe Illustrator into a Flash Project, animating […]